What is Commissional?

The Church of yesteryear had it right! The hard wooden pews were not meant to be sat in very long! Yes, the Church was meant to gather together to corporately worship God, but its mission was to go and be good newsto the world! This is the adventure of being commisional! You know Commissional…

1. Co-missional – To be on mission with Jesus!

2. Commissional – To designate and charge a person(s) with a specific task or mission. In this case, the Church’s mission is extending the Kingdom of God. The Church does not build the Kingdom of God because the Kingdom of God already exists in heaven. As Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)

3. Commissional – A fee-based transaction charged by an agent. Does this mean being commissional involves compensation? Yes and no! The goal of being commissional is not financial remuneration but being commissional means that Christ and His Church will benefit by extending His Kingdom. To be commissional is to expect God to do the impossible – adding former enemies and make them loyal passionate followers of a new King! What better reward can you think of?

Are you ready to live the Commissional life?


3 Comments on “What is Commissional?”

  1. Patricia says:

    Where do you get any Bible warrant for “extending” God’s kingdom?

    • commissional says:

      Patricia, great question! The idea of extending God’s kingdom comes from the fact that God’s kingdom (His unchecked reign and will) exists in heaven and we are asking Him to extend His kingdom on earth as our Lord Jesus to pray! (Matthew 6:10)

    • commissional says:

      Hi Patricia, please forgive my tardy response. We extend God’s kingdom because it already existed. In other words, we are praying to extend God’s kingdom when we pray, “Your kingdom come; Your will be done as it is in heaven.”

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